Richmond Park Stag Rut 2009

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Kd deer rut 2009 7October is here again and Autumn is in full swing as nature pulls out one of its last ace cards before the dark days of winter descend.Yet again I find myself witness to the annual stag rut in Richmond Park Surrey near London.

The scene is set for one of the most spectacular and active periods of animal behaviour in the seasonal calender of the Park as male stags compete for control of the female deer and try to create harems with which to mate .The event provides some primeval and stunning action that has remained unchanged since time began and if you have a bit of seasonal mist can be  a very memorable experience.

Kd deer rut 2009 29

Armed with an Nikkor 300mm f2.8 and a 500mm f4 on a D200 body,I followed the herd for a morning observing the behaviour as the hours passed watching for any clashes and unusual behaviour.The Stags can be quite reactionary and the slightest noise can send them charging off at a perceived threat so its wise to shoot from a distance and give them space,it surprises me no end that people are frequently letting lose dogs and children to chase them!!

It is a stunning way to spend the morning and you get a bit of exercise as well.Heres a selection of pics I took so please enjoy and maybe consider a visit yourself.

Kd deer rut 2009 11

Kd deer rut 2009 24

Kd deer rut 2009 14

Kd deer rut 2009 26

Kd deer rut 2009 36

Kd deer rut 2009 28

Kd deer rut 2009 21

Kd deer rut 2009 35

Kd deer rut 2009 37

Kd deer rut 2009 34

Kd deer rut 2009 16

Kd deer rut 2009 18

Kd deer rut 2009 19

Kd deer rut 2009 23

Kd deer rut 2009 25

Kd deer rut 2009 17

Kd deer rut 2009 33

Kd deer rut 2009 32

Kd deer rut 2009 40

Kd deer rut 2009 4

Kd deer rut 2009 2

Kd deer rut 2009 1Kd deer rut 2009 12Kd deer rut 2009 31

You looking at me!!!

All the best.

Pictures copyright Kerry Davies

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So you think you have a headache!

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Check out this poor chap showing the result of several weeks of rutting in the annual rut in Richmond Park near London.The ladies don’t seem too bothered however and the hornless chap still seemed to have a vast harem.Stag like this quite often prove to be the Boss however since their potentially lethal single antler quite often ignores the Queensberry rules when it comes to fighting!

Alls fair in love and war I guess!

Kd deer rutt 1

 Kd deer rutt 2

Kd deer rutt 3

Kd deer rutt 4

Kd deer rutt 5

Kd deer rutt 6

Kd deer rutt 7

Kd deer rutt 8

Kd deer rutt 9

A few other images on a relatively fight free day,I guess the stags are a little knackered after several weeks of beating themselves up and chasing skirt!

Kd deer rutt 12Kd deer rutt 11

Kd deer rutt 13                 Kd deer rutt 15   Kd deer rutt 14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Kd deer rutt 16

Pictures copyright:kerry Davies

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The Battle of Hastings and a Medieval Sunday lunch!

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Kd hastings Blog 8“Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of War!” or maybe ” Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries!” Quotes from Shakespeare and Monty Python.

Two thoughts that entered my mind as my 4 wheeled time machine touched down in Battle near Hastings circa 14th October 1066 in a muddy field at the back of Battle Abbey.

Kd hastings Blog 3











Kd hastings Blog 2

As the mists of time cleared there was the thunder of hoofs and the clash of steel as armoured knights battled it out across the hillsides of East Sussex England.

Kd hastings Blog 19

“Oy! dont throw that spear at me! oh watch where you fire those arrows!!!!! ouch!”

Actually it was a  rather excellent day trip to the ancient Battle field of Hastings on Sunday the 11th of October where celebrations were underway for the actual nation changing battle all those years ago.

Kd hastings Blog 10

In the rear area of the Abbey built just after the battle circa 1079 (as a sorry for killing so many of the locals gesture by William the Conqueror) ,a reenactment  society had created a medieval village for the yearly event run by English Heritage.

Kd hastings Blog 29

It was a feast for the eyes for anyone with the slightest interest in things medieval a the event filled the air with smells of cooking meat  on wood fires and the sight of  leather workers and artisans at work.

Kd hastings Blog 22

There  were metal workers and woodworkers offering their wears along with trinkets and other gifts to take home and celebrate ones ancient ancestry and kids battled it out locked into their imaginary world slaying dragons in the abbey ruins.

Medieval musicians and Bards told tales of deeds long past among the cloisters and  young warriors were showing off demonstrating how to duck oncoming arrows!!!!

Kd hastings Blog 23

Kd hastings Blog 32

Wandering the battlefield I took along with me a Nikon D200 equipped with a Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 and a  Nikkor 24mm f2.8 traveling very light.

It was a great way of meeting the locals as they would have been in times past!! Read more »

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