Oxford Floods

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As much of the UK suffered from one of the worst flooding deluges for many years,the Oxford area along with many other areas affected by the Thames found themselves under water as the massive build up after days if rain started to flow down river.Many people in the Oxford area were evacuated from their homes and many picturesque villages found their roads turned into rivers.

Pictures copyright:Kerry Davies/INS News Agency. Strictly no unauthorised reproduction.


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Christmas storms

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Many people in the UK were left having a Dickensian Christmas by candle light as large regions of the  country were left underwater after the stormiest Christmas on record left large swathes of the picturesque regions of Surrey submerged.

One of my assignments sent me to the Leatherhead and Box Hill area of Surrey after torrential overnight downpours took residents by surprise left the area in shocking mess.Many were left without electricity.One hotel the Burford Bridge Hotel was flooded out and guests who had left their cars opposite overnight awoke to find their cars under water.

One lady I spoke to told of her horror after her horse stable was destroyed overnight by heavy winds and rain leaving her horses without a shelter but thankfully unhurt.

Having managed to find my way into the area via a small pathway that became a temporary road ,things became a bit more tricky getting out when a bus trying to negotiate the road became stuck in mud blocking the only road out.Thankfully it only lasted a few hours. My sympathy goes to those who found themselves marooned over Christmas.

Pictures copyright:Kerry Davies/INS News Agency.No unauthorised reproduction.Image

Motorists try to recover a submerged vehicle Mickleham Surrey.


A coach blocks the the only exit from the village of Mickleham after becoming mired in mud.



A Suzuki Jeep struggles in the flood water.Image

Properties under threat.Image

The submerged Burford Bridge Hotel in Burford SurreyImage

A snorkel equipped Landrover from the AA trying to help trapped motorists.


Cyclists and flooded routes.


Waterlogged guests cars at the Burford Bridge Hotel.


A Land rover opens its doors to let water out while negotiating flooding in Leatherhead.


Sally Perry whose horses had a narrow escape when high winds and torrential rain destroyed her horse shelter.The horses were miraculously unharmed.



Horses that survived having their shelter destroyed.

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Foggy Eton by lamplight

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As large parts of the east of England awoke to a thick blanket of fog covering all in its path,major airports were subject to delays and cancellations and roads were clogged by traffic jams.I took a dusk walk around Eton on the River Thames just as dusk fell.Famous for the Eton College and in close proximity to Windsor Castle it is a quaint town which retains a very historical flavour.

Camera-Nikon D700 and  Nikon 24-70mm.






Pictures Copyright Kerry Davies/INS News Agency.

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