Oxford Floods

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As much of the UK suffered from one of the worst flooding deluges for many years,the Oxford area along with many other areas affected by the Thames found themselves under water as the massive build up after days if rain started to flow down river.Many people in the Oxford area were evacuated from their homes and many picturesque villages found their roads turned into rivers.

Pictures copyright:Kerry Davies/INS News Agency. Strictly no unauthorised reproduction.


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Foggy Eton by lamplight

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As large parts of the east of England awoke to a thick blanket of fog covering all in its path,major airports were subject to delays and cancellations and roads were clogged by traffic jams.I took a dusk walk around Eton on the River Thames just as dusk fell.Famous for the Eton College and in close proximity to Windsor Castle it is a quaint town which retains a very historical flavour.

Camera-Nikon D700 and  Nikon 24-70mm.






Pictures Copyright Kerry Davies/INS News Agency.

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St Jude’s Storm

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On the 28th of October 2013  a powerful storm called St Jude’s storm hit the shores of Great Britain bringing 99mph winds, causing chaos and destruction as it made landfall.

The town of Hounslow near London was hit badly  as trees were blown over in the streets.

Two people were killed when a tree fell on a house causing a gas explosion that destroyed a row of houses and left the roof of one house hanging precariously from a tree in the street opposite

I was on assignment that day and below are some of the images from the Hounslow incident.

All images copyright:Kerry Davies/INS News Agency.


INS_Hounslow_House_Hit_By_Tree_15 copy


INS_Hounslow_House_Hit_By_Tree_12 copy

INS_Hounslow_House_Hit_By_Tree_10 copy




INS_Hounslow_House_Hit_By_Tree_38 copy


INS_Hounslow_House_Hit_By_Tree_30 copy


INS_Hounslow_House_Hit_By_Tree_11 copy




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